How To Stop Headache Without Medicine, 4 Best Advice

How to stop headache without medicine, 4 best advice: If you are suffering from headaches, and want to get rid of them naturally then this article is for you. This article will provide you information about how to stop headache without medicine along with 4 best advice.

(Note: this article is written for informative purposes only, any medical, and psychological advice should be provided by a licensed professional. Also given below are few links that might be helpful)

How to stop headache without medicine, 4 best Advice

From a five-year-old kid to an eighty-year-old man everyone in this world suffers from headaches. Yes you can go to your specialist, and start using headache medicine to cure them. Remember those are not good to take that often. Well it’s time for you to choose the best quick headache relief home remedies because these will not harm you in any way.

1. Ginger

Known as a solution for headache cure, ginger is a home remedy for quick action. It lessens inflammation of the veins in the head, subsequently healing the pain. Since it helps in digestion it additionally subdues the sickness which happens amid headaches. Thinking about how to use this wonder element?

Well, use ginger for tea, add few lemon drops and drink up (use the method given above). You can have this super headache tea more then once every day. You can likewise apply a glue of ginger powder, and 2 tbsp water on your grow for a couple of minutes to give the faster elevation. Ginger is a good headache food for headache stroke.

“Ginger is good for the gut, helps reduce cholesterol and prevents clot formation”

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2. Peppermint oil 

How To Stop Headache Without Medicine 4 Best Advice

With this relieving fragrance, peppermint opens up obstructed veins that cause migraine. It contains methanol which directs bloodstream in the body. You can blend 3 drops of peppermint oil in one tablespoon of almond oil or simply include a little water, and back rub the areas of the back of your neck with it. Then again apply ground peppermint leaves on your head.

Make a natural tea by including one a teaspoon of dried herb into some boiled water, cover, and let it soak for 10 minutes strain, and add some honey to sweeten it. It is one of the best 4 advice in our list of how to stop headache without medicine

“Never underestimate the power of a peppermint”

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3. Lavender oil

How To Stop Headache Without Medicine 4 Best Advice

Along with an excellent aroma, lavender is an awesome solution for healing headaches. Basically taking in the relieving, aroma of lavender oil helps. So, you can simply put a couple of drops on a tissue, and breathe in it. You can likewise include two drops of lavender oil to some boiled water, and breathe in the steam. This may stop your headache without using any medicine, also best of the 4 advice.

Another choice is to blend a few drops in one tablespoon of almond oil or olive oil, and back rub with it. Stretching a couple of basic activities to stretch your head, and neck can help you get rid of headaches. Move your jaw up and down, left and right, and twist neck sideways towards the shoulder. You can gradually turn the neck in clockwise, and anti-clockwise routines to help these shoulder, and neck muscles unwind.

“Lavender : The color and scent of Relaxation, Youthfulness, Creativity, Imagination, Optimism”

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4. Cloves

How To Stop Headache Without Medicine 4 Best Advice

In our topic to stop a headache without medicine 4 best advice, cloves comes at 4th position. Cloves can be utilized to heal headaches because of their cooling, and relieving properties. Beat a couple of cloves early, and place them in a sachet or a spotless cloth, and breathe in its aroma. You can also put two drops of clove oil in a tablespoon of coconut oil in addition to sea salt, and tenderly back around, you have drawn with it.

“Clove is one of the most valuable spices that has been used for centuries as food preservative and for many medical purposes”

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These are natural home remedies for headache. So, next time you have a headache, try not to take those chemical-filled painkillers. Instead, try out these effective ways of how can you stop headache without medicine.

(Note: If headache still exist after using home remedies, you may consult a  headache specialist to take headache treatment, or google headache doctor near me)

headache causes

How To Stop Headache Without Medicine 4 Best Advice

When we talk about headache causes, there are many. Headaches can manifest on their own, but are also a very common symptom in neck pain patients. As more than 60% of patients with a primary neck pain complain of having concordant episodes of headache. Therefore it’s essential to find out what kind of headache the patient is suffering from. 

Headache can attack a person anytime, and there is nothing invented yet to tell you the headache forecast. It is estimated 45 million people in the US suffer from headaches annually. Many people suffers from headache every day. Basically there are two types of headaches primary headache, and secondary headache. To start off, let’s differentiate between primary, and secondary types of headaches. 

“Once the headache fades, it feels like I ran a marathon. My body is exhausted”

Types of headaches

Basically there are two types of headaches primary headache, and secondary headache. To start off, let’s differentiate between primary, and secondary types of headaches. 

Primary headaches

Primary headaches are the disease themselves, whereas in secondary headaches, the headache is a symptom of another condition. So primary headaches would be migraines, tension-type headaches, and cluster headaches. 

Secondary type headaches

Secondary type headaches are headaches caused by tumors, hemorrhage, other trauma, TMJ dysfunction, substance overdose or neck pain aka the cervicogenic headache.

“Dear Headache, why are you inflicting such pain upon me? what did I do? it isn`t nice”

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How To Stop Headache Without Medicine 4 Best Advice

Is there anyone in the world who has never had a headache? in some cases you can solve this pesky problem by yourselves, yet sometimes you should see a doctor immediately therefore we’ve put together a detailed guide to help you identify 4 of headache types and causes, and the best ways to get rid of them. 

Tension headache

How To Stop Headache Without Medicine 4 Best Advice

This is the most frequent type of headache in the world. Everyone has experienced that at least once in their life. Here are the main symptoms. Tension headaches often caused a pressure that feels like you’re wearing a tight band around your forehead. You might feel severe tension, and spasms around your eyes, headache on forehead, headache in back of head, headache behind the eyes, and also you feel dull.

Most often the intensity of the pain increases from morning to evening. That causes the setting the main factors that seem to contribute to tension headaches or severe stress, fatigue, poor posture, and holding the head in an improper position for a long time. 

“When I get a headache, I take two aspirin and keep away from children just like the bottle says”

Tension-type headaches, which are a primary type headache have a mean 1-year prevalence of 48.6% around the world. Women being equally as often affected as men in an age range between 20 to 40. Tension-type headaches can vary from infrequent episodic, frequent episodic to chronic as seen in this table right here.

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In order to qualify as tension-type headache, the headache has to fulfill certain criteria:

A) The headache lasts hours to days or is unremitting.

B) The patient needs to report at least 2 of the following 4 characteristics – these are:

1) The headache is bilateral. 

2) It has a pressing or tightening quality, but not pulsating. 

3) The intensity is mild to moderate, so a patient will usually still be able to complete ADL’s.

4) The headache is not aggravated by routine physical activity, such as walking or climbing stairs.

5) there’s no nausea or vomiting.

6) No more than 1 of photophobia or phonophobia which is the sensitivity to light, and sounds respectively.

These are also chronic tension headaches, they are rare and often  associated with head or neck injuries. How to get rid of it? you can take any appropriate painkiller but you should only use them occasionally if, headaches occur frequently and last for a long time consult your the doctor also try to be physically active stretch your shoulders and neck regularly and spend more time outdoors.

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Sinus headache

How To Stop Headache Without Medicine 4 Best Advice

This type of headache is caused by sinusitis. It is often accompanied by fever, facial swelling, and tension in the forehead and cheekbone. Here are the main symptoms: you’ll feel deep pressure and pain in your forehead, headache behind the eyes, headache eyebrow, and under the eyes, headache in front of head. 

The pain usually gets stronger when you move your head sharply this headache might also lead to a running or blocked nose, you might feel tired and weak. Headache of sinusitis also a common complication after a cold or during a seasonal allergy.

“Now remember : A Monday morning hangover is called a sinus headache”

Keep in mind, that sinus headaches rarely go away on their own. In other cases, it is best to see a doctor who will most probably be prescribed anti-ALX.


Migraine is mostly headache on right side of head or headache on left side of the head. A migraine is often associated with a violation of the metabolic processes, and dilation of blood vessels in the brain. A person may also inherit the ability to get a migraine. All symptoms of the severe headache occurred during a migraine attack that progresses through four main stages.

1.The first is progerin lasts for one to two days. You feel irritable fatigued, and have an increased or decreased appetite.

2. The second stage aura usually last up to 30 minutes you become sensitive to light, feel tingling and numbness, and might have speech disorders. If those situations remain for a long period of time, you should consult a migraine specialist.

3. The third resolution might last up to 24 hours, you feel fatigued and have trouble concentrating on daily tasks.

4. The last stage the headache itself might last up to 72 hours during which you feel severe throbbing pain.

“Surviving the day with a migraine is actually a serious accomplishment”

Unfortunately there’s no permanent cure for migraines, although several treatments are available to help ease the symptoms. You need to see your doctor to choose the right one moreover regular exercise will help you improve your health significantly. 

Moreover alcohol promotes water loss, and dehydration that are major migraine triggers. The best remedy is to drink plenty of water, and get some good sleep, take a hangover seriously. If you have a headache after consuming even a small amount of alcohol it may indicate that you’re suffering from a mild form of migraine.

Navigating Life with Migraine and Other Headaches

Cluster headache

How To Stop Headache Without Medicine 4 Best Advice

Cluster headaches are rare affecting less than 1% of the population. They are five times more common in males than females. It’s hardly possible to confuse this headache with another one. A cluster headache may cause a stabbing pain behind or around your eyes usually on one side of your head. It frequently develops during sleep

The pain usually lasts from 15 minutes to one hour. symptoms might include redness of the eyes, sensitivity to light, and lacrimation. Scientists don’t know exactly what causes a cluster headaches. These headaches are most often linked to disruptions in the body’s biological clock. Treating it can be tricky because the pain appears, and disappears spontaneously, and at a moment’s notice only a doctor can help you solve this problem. 

“Cluster Headaches: The moment you think of giving up, think of the reason you held on for so long”

We hear many versions of why people often have a headache after drinking alcohol. One of them suggests that alcohol causes blood vessel dilation, and affects serotonin levels in your body.

Besides those most common headaches mentioned above, there is a long list of headaches. A few of them are mentioned below.

1. Doxycycline headache

2. Wisdom teeth headache

3. Intractable headache

4. Adderall headache

5. Pounding headache

6. Headache in pregnancy

7. Headache from stress

8. Headache caffeine

9. Headache jet lag

10. Headache when wearing glasses

11. Blood sugar headache

Cluster Headache and other Trigeminal Autonomic Cephalgias

Diagnosing headaches

A Physician can diagnose specific primary headaches, such as migraines by having the patient describe their symptoms to the Physician. There are ranges of rating systems for headache types, it is also possible to diagnose headache by brain imaging techniques such as MRI. 

There are several treatments options aside from NSAID that is used for treating chronic headaches. Nerve blocks, if successful is effective medium-term treatments for headaches. Occipital, trigeminal, and sphenopalatine ganglion blocks are often indicated for cluster, and chronic migraines headaches.

“Some pain you can distance yourself from, but a headache sits right where you live” 

I hope you never experience any of these headaches but if you get one of them try to get rid of them naturally, first. But still if you are having a headache, it’s better to consult a doctor before taking any medication. Do not self-medicate your self.  

Hormone headaches

treating headaches in children

Did you know that headache is one of the most common reasons kids see their pediatrician. But do you know what triggers headaches, and how you can help your doctor best treat your child. There are certain types of headaches that are incredibly common in young kids. The above given “how to stop headache without using medicine with 4 natural advice” is also as useful for kids as for adults.

1. Musculoskeletal or tension headaches

Those are often brought on by dehydration or physical or emotional stress. Another reason that we see a lot of musculoskeletal headaches is technology. So, people are staring at a screen at a fixed spot, and often are looking down. That puts a lot of tension on the the muscles that go up your back, up your neck, over the top of your head, and attach on your forehead.

“Dear Headache, are you the head of all aches?”

So one of the things that can help kids who are having problems with headaches is put all of their screens up. In that way the child can be standing instead of slumped over on their desk, or on their bed looking at their screen.

2. Migraines

These kind of headache hit really quickly, and make your kid feel very unwell. In addition to dehydration, and stress headaches can also be triggered by genetics, illness, lack of sleep or change in sleep patterns. Skipping meals or consuming certain types of foods or food additives such as dyes, aspartame etc.

“Usually friends are a big headache. But my friend is a migraine”

To help your doctor identify what may be causing your child’s headache, and the best ways to treat it keep a diary. Put down what time of day, how bad the headache was. Also other sort of factors that you think might be relevant such as poor sleep, poor food intake, poor fluid intake, and stress. Anything else that was a little bit different about that day.

Further more, together you, and your pediatrician can work on the best course of treatment for your child. Most headaches can be treated with over-the-counter pain relievers. Along with rest drinking more fluids, and reducing stress and tension. Remember there are times when a child’s headaches are serious enough that they should see a specialist.

Why do We Get Headaches After Exercise

How To Stop Headache Without Medicine 4 Best Advice

Doctors break down exercise-induced headaches into two categories primary, and secondary. Secondary headaches are related to an underlying health concern or health issue. You should seek out medical care to make sure you don’t have secondary headaches from exercise. If you’re commonly experiencing this there could be something that you want to address, and consult a doctor.

Then you have primary headaches related to exercise. Typically these are harmless, they’re not entirely sure what causes exercise-induced headaches but they have several theories i’m going to go through six of the common factors that may cause you to get an exercise headache.

“What is Happiness? the moment you realize your headache is gone”

1. Dilation of blood vessels while you’re exercising. Your blood vessels tend to dilate so the blood vessels in the brain may dilate causing a headache.

2. Dehydration. Dehydration can commonly cause headaches and it’s very easy to get dehydrated if you’re exercising, and sweating a lot and not replenishing your fluids.

3. Exercising in hot or humid weather. Again this could be related to dehydration or it could also be related to increasing dilation of blood vessels, because it’s hotter or could be other factors that they’re unsure about.

4. Exercising at altitude.

5. Low blood sugar. So, if your blood sugar’s dropping down this can also be causing you headaches while you’re exercising as well as potentially making you feel weak or shaky.

6. Holding your breath when you’re exercising. This can be very common with more strenuous exercise especially like lifting weights. So, hopefully you feel like I’ve answered the question why do I get headaches after I exercise. Again if you’re experiencing headaches frequently with exercise I highly recommend you go seek out your doctor or medical professional.

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The most important thing I would like to tell you is not to be scared of headache. Yes, there are medicines available for headaches but in my opinion the above given remedies about “how to stop headache without medicine along with 4 best natural advice is an excellent way”. Also those remedies does not contain any chemicals as medicines do.

One important thing you need to be worried about is, when you have a worst headache in your life. If you are having excesses vomiting, if you have weakness in one side of your body, or if you have tingling on one side of your body, if you loose consciousness, that is when you need to rush to your doctor immediately, in order to get a scan done. By that a secondary cause such as tumor, trauma or some bleeding can be identified. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fee by advertising and linking to Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc, or its affiliates.

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