How To Find Hobbies You Enjoy, 4 Best And Good Hobbies For Depression

Finding a hobby doesn’t have to be that complicated, and well as finding yourself. It’s important to be willing to take action, and wanting to do it. If everything can be achieved step-by-step the key way to find a hobby is also step by step. If you ask yourself what is a good hobby for me? please take this advice, the first step would be determining,

  • Whether you want to go solo or social. 
  • Do you feel more comfortable working within a group or by yourself. 
  • What motivates you more.

This is the first way of creating a proper selection of hobbies that you can choose from. According to what might fit you, the best for example of some solo hobbies are chest, ballroom dancing, gardening, classic car restoration, reading or playing guitar, and so on.

How to find hobbies you enjoy

Social ones are all the way from sports to creating, and building things within a group. Then you need to think what feeling you’re aiming for is it to relax, for the excitement, for pride or popularity. The feeling is important because we need all other factors. Feeling is what keeps you in it in the long run, when the feeling is out all other arguments start making no sense at all. 

Think well which feeling you’re missing, and discover which hobbies could offer it. For example, I find painting and biking very exciting while drawing, and making jewelry relax with me. Learning Adobe programs, and creating things through them makes me proud for knowing more than yesterday.

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“Make time to follow your passion and never let your hobbies and interests take a back seat”

(Don`t be afraid of criticism)

It’s a good idea to share your work with others, whether it’s your loved ones or people in online communities. Your loved ones care about what you do, and online groups can be really supportive and helpful. They can give you feedback and help you decide if you should keep going or try something else.

For example, when I’m into a hobby, I join a Facebook group where I can chat with others who like the same thing. It’s not only fun and a way to learn more, but you also get to hear different points of view. Even if you have a hobby you do by yourself, other people can give you a boost or help you understand things better on your journey.

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How to find hobbies you enjoy

And finally don’t be afraid to change the hobby. Who knows maybe it lasts two days or two years but don’t ever be afraid of moving on. It’s all about achieving goals, and if you achieved all goals move on and set more balls, and find something else. That’s not only okay to do but even recommend it because you’re enriching your spectrum of interests, and knowledge.

As you know hobbies play an essential part in our lives, no matter in which part of earth you are living. Hobbies can be our most trustable companions for the rest of our life. Today we will be talking about four hobbies to learn, that can genuinely change a life. And that sounds superlative, but it’s true.

“Always remember every person is the architect of their own fortune”


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4 Best and good hobbies
For depression

How to find hobbies you enjoy

When I ask myself about starting a new hobby, I don`t need to go to any hobby store near me, or go to any hobby town near me, or ask someone to help me find a hobby. Its all depends on my own interest, and its all inside my own mind. So, all anyone can give you are hobby recommendations, and the rest is up to you my friend. 

These four hobbies can change the trajectory of life in interesting ways. So if you’re in the market for a new hobby to start, you might get some ideas. let’s start with hobby number one.

1. Coding and web design

How to find hobbies you enjoy

In our topic of how to find hobbies you enjoy, coding comes first. When you learn how to code it unlocks your brain in a very interesting way. You are be able to see ideas for things in the world around you, it sounds a bit abstract. If you’ve ever thought of trying to come up with an idea for a business, if you’re that sort of person I just didn’t have that part of my brain that was just unlocked where I could suddenly see these business ideas everywhere. 

Firstly, when you learn how to code, you will know a little bit about what’s possible. When it comes to computers like making an app, making a website for something, and even making physical products some of the time.

Secondly, If you don’t know how to code, you start seeing these patterns everywhere, and you start realizing that you can apply your coding skills even at a very basic level to kind of see these business ideas everywhere.

“Coding is today`s language of creativity. All our children deserve a chance to become creators instead consumers of computer science”

(Business ideas)

So learning how to code can help you come up with basically all of the business ideas. You can probably whip up a website in about a week, and it wouldn’t be so hard. If you wanna learn how to code yourself, there are tons of resources on the Internet. 

The one I would personally recommend for learning is “Python”. It is the world’s most popular programming language. If you don’t have a project you’re already working on, then it’s very easy to go through an online course on something like Brilliant, where you can just like it walks you through.

It’s fun, it’s engaging, it’s interactive, and you can learn Python to a reasonable standard by the end of it. So, once you’ve learned how to code with Python you can then think oh, okay the world is suddenly opened up to me. I now see possibilities everywhere I go. It’s like, you’ve stepped into the matrix, stepped out of the matrix, something like that. I think this is also one of the best hobby for men as well as for women.

“Any fool can write a code that computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand”

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2. Music

How to find hobbies you enjoy

Music also comes in the list of stress relieving hobbies. When I was younger, when I was in school, I was always looking for these other alternative ways to diversify my identity. I was like, “Hey, I can be cool, if I become a musician, I’ll be cool if I know how to sing.  

To this day music is one of my favorite hobbies. I’m consistently trying to improve, and it’s one of my dreams to one day busk on the London underground. Be one of those people who sings with a guitar and stuff, maybe to raise money for charity. I just think it would be really fun but to do that you have to audition, and you have to be good.

“Music has healing power. It has the ability to take people out of themselves for a few hours”

Now let’s talk about the things that music has done for me. So firstly, learning piano and guitar, like basically entirely through online tutorials on YouTube. And this was interesting, because other than coding and magic as I’ll come to later, I didn’t learn a lot of things on the internet, and I think I kind of underestimated that if you wanna learn anything in the world, you can’t just learn it on the Internet. 

(Learning from internet)

So, like being able to learn this musical stuff from the Internet, has now given me the confidence that if I need to learn anything in the future, I can just learn it on the Internet. But actually, for most things, you can make a pretty good start by just doing stuff on the internet. Music is one of the best hobby in our topic of how to find hobbies you enjoy.

How to find hobbies you enjoy

Even in medical schools like Cambridge University everyone didn’t enjoy the lectures, and instead taught themselves most of the syllabus by using the internet. By using things like Wikipedia, by using resources on YouTube. There are few who use textbooks. You can do this hobby in the comfort of your home or as a outdoor hobbies.

And the other interesting thing about the music is that before I learned how to play the piano, I used to see people who could hear a song, and then just be able to play it. And I used to think, oh my God, mind-blowing, how much innate talent that must require, this sounds like the hardest thing in the world. How can he possibly be doing that?

“Music should strike fire from the heart of a man, and bring tears from the eyes of woman”

Its just like open that black box. I realized that, oh, hang on, there is a method to the madness and yeah, it’s tricky, but there are these people who can play anything by ear. Like I’ve no idea where to start, I don’t know how it works.

(Elon Musk)

I’m listening to the biography of Elon Musk, how Elon Musk when starting Space X, everyone was like, “Oh, well it costs $12 million to build a rocket.” And he was like, “All right, why does it do that like, what are the actual components of a rocket? Like, what do we need? We need this, we need the engine, we need the drive shaft, whatever it’s called for a rocket. How much should these components cost?”

He built like a spreadsheet and said, “Oh, theoretically, we should be able to build a rocket for like 2 million.” And so he was very good at, you know, taking apart this black box of rocket science literally, and being like, “Oh, actually if you open the black box you find that there are all these components inside it.” 

Anything you feel where wow, that person is so good at X, they must be talented. I think no, there’s a black box here, and yes there’s a talent to a degree. But for the most part, there is a method to the madness and I can figure it out if I want to. 

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3. Closeup magic

How to find hobbies you enjoy

To find hobbies you enjoy, closeup magic comes at 3rd position. And believe me this hobby can change your life, and it is one of the best home hobby ideas too. This started when I was in secondary school thinking I wasn’t cool enough. Also I saw this magic show on TV, there was a guy who did an incredible card trick, and I was completely mind blown by this card trick.

I also wanted to become a close up magician, this is the best thing I’ve ever seen. I start thinking how to learn close up magic. I’m going to learn how to do a sleight of hand with cards so that in the future. I’ll be able to do these sorts of tricks and impress people everywhere. And so it started like that. Magic can also change you in different ways. 

“A great piece of music make people to close their eyes but a great magic effect make their eyes wide open”

Magic gave me a taste of how to overcome the discomfort associated with approaching groups. And like, you know, people saying, “Hey, I wanna start a YouTube channel but I’m too scared to put myself out there.” And yeah, I get it. It’s the same fear you know, the fear of rejection, the fear of looking like a fool.

(Take baby steps)

Remember one thing, the more kind of baby steps you can take at doing this, you will realize after a while that 99% of the fear is just in your head, and there’s nothing scary about doing this thing. You can also go to a magic shop, and there you can find many magic supplies, and great magic ideas. So friends, when you want to find hobbies that you can enjoy, please also consider closeup magic.

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4. Teaching

How to find hobbies you enjoy

Well, teaching comes last in our list to find hobbies that you can enjoy. Teaching can be a great hobby to take up. What I’ve realized is that no one cares that much about qualifications. No one cares if you’re an expert, as long as you can provide value to them. C.S. Lewis has this thing that he calls I think  The curse of the expert or the curse of knowledge ” which is this idea that often when we are beginners.

In my opinion, the people best placed to teach us are not the professors who’ve been doing it for 50 years. They’re in fact the people who are doing it last year. Teaching can be one of those hobby you can make money from. It can also be one of those hobbies to help with depression. It can be one of those hobbies you can do at home like giving tutions.

“Teaching is not a job. It`s a life style. It permeates your whole life”

Teaching becomes a nice way of bringing everyone along. Without it feeling like oh my God I have to be an expert otherwise, I’m not qualified to teach anyone. And on that note, like if you’re doing teaching things for so long will make you realize that people only really care about the value that you can give to them.

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(Don`t have to be highly qualified)

Teaching is just giving value to other people, and helping them along in the process. And I think that’s what holds a lot of us back with a lot of things in life. Like this worry that oh, I’m not qualified enough to do that. You can just do it, and if people like it then yeah they like it, and they don’t care how qualified you are for the most part.

“No one should teach who is not in love with teaching.”

Teaching also considered one of the most respectable jobs in the world. In few countries it is the highest paid job too. So if any one asks what is your hobby, you can raise your head with pride, and say its teaching. Teaching is definitely one of the best, when it comes how to find hobbies that you can enjoy.

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Why hobbies are important

A hobby is actually an activity that you carry out during your free time or something that you engage in. You do it very frequently, and it makes you feel good. Being productive is the best way to solve your problems in life. It’s keeping your brain active, and running which leaves you no time to be unhappy, and think about unimportant things. Here are few points to consider. 

  1. Having a hobby would make an individual much more interesting because you’ll be able to actually talk about your hobby to someone else. You would have like points of conversation, and people will be interested in knowing about your hobby. That’s how you actually form friendships. 
  2. Having a hobby would also help you relieve your stress, because when you’re carrying out your hobby it is not what is related, it’s not something that you do for work or you do it to get money. You actually do it because it just brings you inner peace, and calm, and it makes you feel good about yourself.
  3. Hobbies are one of many ways to be more productive in life especially when you have trouble finding yourself.
How to find hobbies you enjoy

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“A hobby is also the best way to get rid of negative thoughts in life”

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To find hobbies that one can enjoy doesn’t have to be that complicated. If you think deeply you will get the answer of what is a good hobby for me? Having more, and more hobbies will enrich our life.  You know all we need is to be happy in life, right? Hobbies can help reduce our boredom, and helps to increase your knowledge, and enriches your life.

In my opinion the above given hobbies are the best examples to learn. They are for all ages, from teens to grandpas. Lastly, I would like to say a hobby will prevent you from bad habits, and wasting your time. There is a saying that ” Idle hands are the devil`s workshop” it means that if you don`t have anything to do then you would turn towards negative or bad activities.

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