10 Best Home Remedies On How To Get Rid Of Mice. Mice Problem In House

In this article, I will be providing 10 best home remedies on how to get rid of mice. Find out how to get rid of mice more naturally.

Home remedies on how to get rid of mice are the best way to secure our homes from mouse and rats. Mice are found in almost every country in the world. There are many mice exterminators companies which can provide help but not everyone can afford those companies. These companies charge a big amount of money, and also the pesticide spray they use are very harmful to our health, and specially bad for our children.

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Mice In Cake

10 Best Home Remedies On How to Get rid Of Mice

1. If you are having problems with mice, check and clean all the food sources around your home. If there are any open cans of food or garbage containers near your house, it is important to remove them. This may be a good idea if you have neighbors who do not like to see mice running around their homes either.

2. Clean up all the corners, and crevices where mice can hide, to prevent them from entering your house. or business. You can use sticky traps for this purpose. In that way you will be able to catch these rodents without using any chemicals at all.

3. Mice love dark spaces so, try to make sure all lights are on at night in order to prevent them from coming inside your house or office building. They come through windows, and doors which they might have found during the day time hours, when light is still available outside and no one is home. This is also one of the best home remedies on how to get rid of mice.


4. It’s also important to clean up any food sources that are readily available in your home or business. If you have pets, make sure to keep their food and water dishes away from the reach of mice. In that way they will not be able to find access into their house through these openings.

5. It is also important for people to check for cracks, and holes. Mice can enter into a house or office building during day hours. Once you leave at night time then there is no way for them to get back inside.


6. Try using glue traps which can help you catch rodents alive, as well as trapping them without harming them. This will prevent mice from getting injured or killed while trying to get away from traps set by humans. 

Further more, make sure that if you decide to use these kind of traps, they should be properly installed with some kind of bait placed inside, like peanut butter or cheese. In that way you can easily catch them alive with no injuries at all. 

7. Make sure to seal off all the openings where mice can enter into your home during daylight hours. It is still safe for them to do so. Once you leave at night time, then there will be no other way for them to get back inside because there is no light on anymore. This will help prevent mice from getting into your home again.

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8. If it becomes necessary to use a mouse repellent, try to check out local stores near you. The most common ones used are made by D-Con, something called “Breeze” and others like “Odorless Mouse Repellent”. These products contain a chemical compound called Isoamyl acetate. This is what really keeps mice away from buildings, in order to prevent any damage from being done to your property.

9. It is very important to make sure that all holes in the walls, roofs and cracks are sealed off. In that way they will not be able to re-enter the building again during daylight hours. Once you leave at night time, there is no way for them to get back inside because there is no light on anymore. This will prevent mice from getting into your home again.

10. The last home remedies is its also important for people to check for areas where rodents may have been living. You can also check for mice droppings, urine marks if you can. Because it’s safe for them to come back in through doors, and windows which might already be left open by previous occupants who have already vacated their house/business or have abandoned it altogether.

Those were the 10 best home remedies on how to get rid of mice. It is also very important to know to call the proffesionals if, none of the home remedy works. As mice can spread diseases into our homes.


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Mice problem in house

Mice problem in house can be found in almost every country. They have a long history of causing damage by eating food, destroying crops and spreading diseases. Although they do not carry diseases like humans, mice can carry fleas, ticks and mites that cause human illnesses such as Lyme disease and Plague. House mice are small, nocturnal animals that have long been associated with the presence of both humans and their homes. 

House mouse is small usually grey in color and with a long tail. They have a short fur on top of their head and body, but a thick layer of fur on their back. If you are facing problem in your home, its important to know how to get rid of mice naturally.

Mice can be found anywhere from the tiniest apartment to large cities like New York City. They are often considered pests, but some people use them as pets or even food. 


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Mice can cause many different types of problems for homes and businesses. They tend to move around a home and mess food products. They do not cause any major damage to their surroundings. 

However, mice can sometimes get in your house through holes that have created by termites or other animals. Mice have also known to travel from the outside of a house, and enter through cracks or spaces inside the walls.

The major factors that contribute to the proliferation of mice in a home or business are the abundance of food, and water, and an easy access to nesting places. Mice are often the first sign of a rodent infestation, and can be very difficult to get rid of. 

A mouse infestation can caused by variety of different factors, and there is no single cause for mice in the home.  Mice are small animals that live on almost every continent except Antarctica.

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They eat most types of food such as grains, seeds, nuts, fruits and vegetables. We can also find mice in garbage but as they do not like meat products very much so they don’t usually cause damage around those areas. Mice are nocturnal animals so during daytime they hide away in dark places; however at night they come out again into open spaces where we all reside such as our homes and  offices.

The problem with mice is that there is no way of telling how many mice you have unless you catch them in traps or see them running around your home and garden at night. Besides the above given 10 best home remedies to get rid of mice. There are also few simple steps that are helpful in keeping mice away from your house.

They usually move around during the night time and can cause damage to almost anything they find, especially food. For that reason the above given 10 best home remedies on how to get rid of mice works well.


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The trouble with the rat race is that if you win, you are still a rat.

How To Protect Your House From Rats And Mouse

1. Eliminate all food sources for mice, this means don’t leave out anything like grains, seeds, nuts etc that might attract the mouse population

2. Seal up any holes which may lead into your house.

3. Set traps around your home.

4. Clean up all areas where the mice tend to hide.

5. Check cracks and crevices.

6. Always use natural pest control methods such as baits.

7. Make sure nothing left behind after cleaning.

8. Mice love dark spaces so make sure all lights are  off at night.

9. Clean up all leftover food from the day before.


There are many different ways to get rid of mice using mice spray, mice killer, mice removal products, mice exterminator services, mouse trap etc. If you want to get rid of mice naturally without using any poisons or chemicals, the best way to do this is by sealing up any holes, and crevices. As well as eliminating all food sources for them such as grains and seeds

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Setting simple traps around your home is a good idea because, they can be very effective in catching mice. However it is important to set the trap properly, so that you catch only the mouse that you want. If you don’t, there will be other mice running around and causing damage or getting injured.

A simple mouse trap

The above given simple trap is also one of 10 best home remedies on how to get rid of mice.

In order to prevent rodents from entering your home or business, you must make sure that your property has sufficient amounts of food and water sources that are not accessible by mice. If these resources are not provided, mice will have to find other ways of finding food. 

Mouse infestation can also be caused by the presence of nesting places. That allow mice to reproduce and multiply in numbers. In order to prevent an infestation from occurring, it is important for people to make sure that there are no openings or cracks in the walls and ceilings where mice can enter into your home or business.

Food Sources. They may also enter a home through open trash bins or other areas where food is readily available outside. If you see any rodents running around on your property, it could be because they have found access to some sort of food source inside your house or office building.

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How Do Mice Get Into My House?

Utility Line Openings

Utility and HVAC line openings can present the perfect passage for a mouse to enter your house. The holes cut for these openings are often overly large, allowing for mice to easily crawl through them. Mice can get into your home through holes or cracks in the walls, floors, doors and windows, through holes under the carpeting, woodwork or even vents. 

Further more, mice can enter your house by chewing electrical wires as well as pipes. Because they are made of plastic materials such as PVC pipe, and PEX pipe.


Chimneys offer another opening for mice, through which they can climb directly down into your house. Mice can climb vertical walls given enough grip, therefore scaling your exterior wall and abseiling down your chimney doesn’t present too much of a challenge for them.

Cracked Foundations

Mice can also gain access to your house via cracks in the foundation. If cracks are large enough, mice can easily squeeze through into your home.

Gaps Under Your Roof

Another entry point for mice can be the gaps under your eaves. Depending on the construction of your house, there may be gaps, that a mouse could fit through without an issue.

Exterior Basements Doors

Exterior basement doors, or “Bilco” doors, pose another possible entryway for mice. Between these doors, there are often gaps that are large enough for a mouse to fit through. As mice have been proved to squeeze through dime-sized holes, even if the gap does not look big enough to accommodate a mouse, it probably is!

Through Your Garage

Garage doors also do not seal 100% and often have gaps at their base through which mice can squeeze. Your garage can also pose as the perfect hiding zone for a mouse, especially if it contains a lot of stored items and inaccessible corners.

How to Find Mice and Rodents in Your House and Identify them.

There are several simple techniques to find mice in your house. First, identify the type of rodent you have.

House Mouse

A house mouse is dusty-gray in color and normally 2.5 to 4 inches in length. Its nesting areas include cluttered areas such as closets or garages and base voids behind appliances. The house mouse diet consists of cereals, grains, meats, and seeds.

Norway Rat

The Norway Rat is grayish-brown in color and normally 7 to 10 inches in length. Its nesting areas include burrows in soil, sewers, basements, and the lower portion of buildings. The Norway Rat’s diet consists of cereals, grains, meats, seeds, cockroaches, fruits, and shrimp.

Roof Rat

Roof Rats are black to brownish-gray and typically 7 to 10 inches in length. The Roof Rat nests in attics, false ceilings, dead fronds of palm trees, and upper portions of buildings. The Roof Rat’s diet consists of fruits, berries, meats, seeds, vegetables, and eggs.

Harvest Mouse

The harvest mouse also called a winter storehouse. Its fur turns white when it gets cold during winter months. They are found in crops like wheat, oats, and reed beds. Also in tall ground vegetation such as hedgerows and long grass.

Field Mouse

A Field mouse is sand brown in color with white to grey belly. Field mouse lives outside of houses in fields or woodlands where they eat seeds and plants.

To begin eliminating your rodent problems, start with a good inspection to determine which type of rodent is present, and exactly where they are nesting. Fecal pellets are the most common sign in a rodent inspection, and serve as primary evidence to confirm an infestation.

Even a small population of mice can produce thousands of droppings in a short period of time. Fresh droppings are dark in color and soft in texture, but after 3 days they harden and lose the dark color. Age of droppings will tell you if your rodent problem is current.

Evidence of recent gnawing is another excellent sign for determining the presence of rodents. Runways are usually evident in rodent infestations. Rodents repeatedly use the same pathways between their nests and food sources. Common linear pathways include foundation or sill edges, tree branches, electrical lines, pipes, and sewer lines.

Rub marks are grease marks created from oil and dirt on the rodent’s skin and often appear along wall areas next to runways. Both rats and mice urinate frequently during their daily travels. A mouse is capable of depositing 3,000 droplets in just 24 hours.

Rodent urine is often deposited in their runways and other frequented areas. Rodent odors may be particularly pronounced in larger rodent infestations. Cats and dogs may excitedly sniff and probe in area where rodents are present.

Various sounds produced by rodents and their tongue, such as high-pitched squeaks, gnawing sounds, scratching, and digging noises can commonly be heard during night inspections. Simple inspections of these common signs will help you locate any rodent issues in your home before they become a serious problem.

All kinds of mice can be dangerous to humans, especially if they bite you or your pets.

How Many Babies Do A Mouse Can Have

Mice can multiply rapidly. A female mouse can get be pregnant around 6 to 10 times per year, and can give birth up to 4 to 13 babies at a time. Mice are born without ears, fur, and the ability to see. By fourth day their ears are developed, around ten days they grow a full coat, and by the fifteenth day they open their eyes.

Home Remedies On How To Get Rid Of Mice

Mouse Infestation Prevention

If you were wondering how do mice get in, now you know. The next thing to think about is HOW TO STOP them from getting in. The best course of action is to remove any food sources, seal all gaps, cracks, line openings, and vents with either calking, mesh, or cement, and mouse-proof your chimney.

As this can be a time consuming and tricky job, you can also opt to call in the pros to handle this for you. The time to act is now, so don’t delay in mouse-proofing your home. If you have any questions, be sure to leave a comment.

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To stop mouse infestations, you need to start by figuring out where and how mice are getting into your home. Not only do mice damage your home, but they also leave bad odors from their droppings and urine, and they carry other pests such as fleas and ticks, and can harbor diseases such as salmonella and Hantavirus.

The above given 10 best home remedies to get rid of mice are the best natural way to keep your house safe. Pesticides are also available in the market but they can be dangerous for us and our children.

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    • Thanks a lot for your appreciation. There are also few more informational guides on the page you visited, try to check them out too. It would be really helpful if you also share my site and articles to your family and friends. Thanks again, take care.

    • Thanks a lot for your appreciation. There are also few more informational guides on the page you visited, try to check them out too. It would be really helpful if you also share my site and articles to your family and friends. Thanks again, take care.

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